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Unsorted top 10-15 albums of the 10 years following the year 2000: 1

Boy, this’ll be interesting.

This begins an attempt to suggest 10 to 15 albums released in the years 2000-2010 (inclusive) which are noted as amongst the best known to this author.  There will be no ranking, and as the process will be formative rather than summative, I don’t really know whether it’s going to look all that pretty at the end.

Album 1: 30 Seconds To Mars – This Is War

Terrible way to introduce myself to you, but: slick-haired stadium rock with the voices of hundreds of fans and Jared Leto?  Jared Leto? Well, I dunno, but it all combines to create a perfectly pitched, lose your head, don’t worry about the intricacies and intellectualism of music or lyric rumble through the jungle.  The use of the fans as the main voice throughout the album is compelling; most of the songs are powerful but gentle, and finely produced as ever when you involve Flood.  I have always opposed genres – there are only two: good, and bad – but I still feel a little guilty about liking this.  No, loving it.  One of the few bands where a note-perfect live performance would be worth the price of admission.

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