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Decide whether you want money or satisfaction.

If you want satisfaction:

  • build something you care about
  • build something you don’t think works well elsewhere
  • prove to yourself it works well before spending any money beyond the minimum outlay
  • never chase funding
  • remember each returning user is proof of (moderate) success – you don’t need to count and quantify them

If you want money:

  • identify a product or service which receives public negative feedback
  • improve on it, but don’t go too far, otherwise you risk early revolution from competitors and won’t reap your rewards
  • market yourself effectively
  • then market your product effectively
  • take seed funding but don’t expect it to help you identify your business plan
  • wait
  • wait some more
  • if nothing seems to be happening, blow all the cash and start again (irresponsible? Remember, you’re in it for the money, and money has no value until it’s used)

If you want both:

  • move to California

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