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Originally posted to the smashing-pumpkins@cc.UManitoba.CA mailing list following the death of Bernadette O’Brien, crushed by fans at a Smashing Pumpkins concert in Dublin in 1996.

For those insensitive assholes in Dublin, ie. An Ode To No-One

Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness,
Or just a chance to prove your madness?

Tonight, Tonight, you’ll have some fun,
Tonight, Tonight, a fatal one.

Welcome to nowhere fast,
Don’t look at the future; look at the past.

She never let on, that she was down?
You just never bothered to look around.

The useless drag of another day,
remember, how she passed away.

Bullet With Butterfly Wings,
She collapses as they sing.

You ask us To Forgive your actions,
But we’ll never forget that brutal thrashing.

This message is for anyone who dares to be a fool,
Next time think before you join the pool.

Is that who you wanted to be?
A killer, taking lives for free?

You sing along to Cupid De Locke,
Are you happy, that her heart has stopped?

Too late to turn back now,
The question we want to know, is “how?”

Should we secure you with Muzzle and chain,
Or would our efforts be in vain?

Without a care in this whole world,
And because of you, her body lies cold.

Why oh why, there is no light,
What did you think, “she’s alright”?

The place Where Boys Fear To Tread,
Is where the trampled lay their head.

The empty bodies stand at rest,
Did you pass the sanity test?

The earth laughs beneath your heavy feet,
but people scream under the crush and heat.

She may be In The Arms Of Sleep,
I hope that you’ll forever weep.

1979, the year she was born.
1996, the year we mourn.

Tales Of A Scorched Earth,
Or nightmares about her tragic death.

Her innocence was treasure; her innocence meant death,
Did you even think, before her one, last, breath?

Jukebox, fuck-up, hanging round the drugstore,
Don’t you people care any more?

This is a hell on earth, we are meant to serve,
but you people will never learn.

We only come out at night,
To do what, stand and fight?

Beautiful, she may have been,
Beautiful, was not the scene.

You saw her raise her hand and wave,
So why didn’t you try to save?

By Starlight, we miss you,
and promise that we’ll solve this “issue”.

And so we say, Farewell And Goodnight,
I hope the bed bugs REALLY bite.

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