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Blogging, and the new generation

I’ve heard of various instances of people using blogs as a notepad for their studies, which they then realised could be opened up to the world at large for comment, collaboration, and just plain information harvesting. By and large the blogs are produced by masters/phd students, but there’s then the others: BBC reported on Hangleton Community Junior Schoo, whose pupils (7-8 year olds) have been blogging for a good while now and learning to share/express themselves to a much wider audience.

This mixes in with online chat/forums and the increased diversity of experience/knowledge that can be gathered by young children, the effects, positive or negative, of which haven’t yet been seen. Perhaps when this happens, we’ll really see the true wave of e-learning; rather than hybrid approach which aims to fit as broad a range of learning/teaching styles as possible.

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