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At the last minute…

It’s been some time since my last confession. This is partly due to work commitments, both at University and outside, turning the days into nights and round again, but partly I think to do with the distinction between the reactiveness of the discussion forums, and the proactive need on a blog; pop over to the forums and it’s easy to be re-inspired by ideas and thoughts that have occurred before, so participating is just a click away. Sculpting a weblog is a very different process, and I can see it being something which begins in dribs and drabs, and ends in torrents, as the course material introduces more and more suggestions.

As a form of continuous assessment, I’ve found the same problem as with traditional assessment – the subconscious desire to keep putting it off, and off, until the deadline. With an effective deadline every couple of days, I could already believe myself to be falling behind; on the other hand, if there is nothing significant to say, perhaps nothing should be said at all!

On the other hand, the ability to do course reading, and respond to course reading, “whenever”, when compared to a traditional tutorial group at a prescribed time (usually 9am), allows for a much richer expression of character and involvement, both for those who simply don’t like mornings, and those who actually can’t do mornings, or other times, and who can only participate at certain times and in certain ways/places. I noted Hamish’s concern that there is no revolution here, but there is certainly evolution.

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