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Tag: thoughts


After reawakening this morning and seeing that Senate and House were also blue, I had a funny thought: that we would now be able to move on and start changing the world for the better.  I am from the UK and haven’t considered the USA to be a part of ‘we’ for the past 28% of my life.  Welcome back.


So, we are back, and may good things emerge from it.  A lot has changed in 3 years and a lot will change over the next few months.  I am still figuring it out but hope we get somewhere.

Random: Tool “Remix”

It’s an abberation, and an insult.

But I was told to do it, and so I comply.

Tool – Eulogy (Lyxi Mix #10)

The brief: mix Lateralus with ITV’s Rainbow. Near impossible, feel. So the secondary was: Eulogy mixed with the theme tune of Cities of Gold. I hope I’ve achieved this, and yet destroyed the beautiful song even further by splicing all sorts of nonsense from my wife’s wav collection.

Oh the terrible days we own. I apologise, I understand, and will maintain. This is like jazz; everything remains, for better or for worse. It’s better this way; we can at least reflect, and say sorry – one day. You talking to me? 😉

Random: My Friend’s Wedding

Congratulations to another friend who is due to be married next Saturday – may it be filled with happiness and joy, and the subsequent years be … OKish.. 😉

For this, we prepared the George MacPherson Wedding March, which prepared thee for his stag night, and which shall torment him further and hopefully last as a telling reminder for the madness which can occur.

Good luck, and all the best, friend.