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Tag: music

Random: My Friend’s Wedding

Congratulations to another friend who is due to be married next Saturday – may it be filled with happiness and joy, and the subsequent years be … OKish.. 😉

For this, we prepared the George MacPherson Wedding March, which prepared thee for his stag night, and which shall torment him further and hopefully last as a telling reminder for the madness which can occur.

Good luck, and all the best, friend.

Remix: Arovane – Good Bye Osaka

From: Arovane’s Good Bye Forever, Arovane’s Cry Osaka Cry, and Martin Luther King’s speeches, I Have A Dream and I Have Seen The Promised Land.

Download Arovana – Good Bye Osaka (God Bless MLK Mix) as Mp3

This remix is unofficial and may not have permission of the copyright owner. It is included here to complement the original work and is not theft; however, should you wish it to be removed, please contact me.

Single: Newspeak

A new year, and a new mood. Installed Fruity Studio in demo mode, prohibiting any savings, and hence latter adjusting, of the sound. Is this jazz? It is output only once and then the workstation is closed, never to return again. One copy, one moment. It may not be any good; it’s flawed and could be bettered. But that is for music to decide; we aren’t looking for perfection, we’re looking for meaning, for inspiration, for fragments of life captured in the peripheral vision of the world. When you catch a butterfly, show everyone…


  1. Unite Me
  2. This Is Not Our Fight
  3. Praise Me

Thanks to the The George W. Bush Public Domain Audio Archive for the vocal samples and the inspiration for what for me is a disconcertingly “nice” portrayal of our new dictator, and our new Nurembergs.

Download Newspeak

Album: Transgenic Knockout Mice

After years away from electronic music, we downloaded a demo copy of Fruity Loops and hacked away at it until we came up with these cuts. As it was a demo, none of the tracks could be saved, only exported! As a result each track, accidentally, follows the jazz tradition of a single take in a single session: the tracks have only ever existed during the creation phase (30 mins to 3 hours) and in their current incarnation.

As a result there’s very little complexity, very little proper production, but hopefully it’s all fun and games anyway. We didn’t really know what we were doing so there’s a load of elements which just loop forever since we couldn’t shut them up. But that’s music.


  1. Welcome
  2. I Am Municipal
  3. Overearth
  4. Ecorn
  5. Yo
  6. Yonna
  7. Tits
  8. Elude (Parts 1 and 2)
  9. Triad
  10. The Storm
  11. We See It
  12. Cacophony

(yes, Overearth is an insanely clever and cryptic homage to one of the finest dance outfits there ever was.)

There’s also a “Japanese Version” that was mashed up a few months later; it excludes Tits and reorders things slightly because we weren’t happy with it. In the end though this was the original and should be the one that is preserved. No VSTi was harmed in the making of this production (it’s just samples and FL’s default synths).

Download Transgenic Knockout Mice in Mp3 format